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The perfect blend nba fanduel optimizerof experience across sport, leisure and indoor entertainment
What we do
  • New build and refurbishments
  • Climate controlled environments
  • Sport science facilities
  • Large scale outdoor facilities
  • Gymnasiums and pools
  • Complex MEP installations

This sector demonstrates more than any other the requirement for a comprehensive blend of expertise, to deliver projects across various workstreams involving a wide range of buildings and end users.

Projects can range from a simple leisure centre or gymnasium through to large scale sports and retail projects or complex indoor entertainment space.

McLaren has a track record of successfully completing many high-profile developments across all nba fanduelthese areas and continues to deliver challenging new schemes in both the UK and UAE.

Delivering more for Sport & Leisure
major premier league facilities delivered
projects completed incorporating gyms, pools and leisure facilities
new trees planted across our Sport & Leisure schemes

We support the design team by testing layouts, establishing the best mix of space to shape a design that focuses on buildability and ease of maintenance, and developing a template that is flexible enough to allow for future changes of use in each area.

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Pre-construction focus

McLaren’s specialist consultants ensure Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) in Sport nba fanduel optimizer& Leisure projects to ensure a solid supply chain and buildability, factoring lifecycle considerations from the outset.

All leisure installations are evaluated against established project benchmarks and Market Intelligence (MI), to inform the design process. McLaren’s Sport & Leisure specialist steering group oversee progress at key gateways and offer comprehensive project support during the pre-construction and delivery phases.

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Swinming Pools & Climate Control

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Swimming pools present a range of unique challenges. Starting with input into drainage design, we ensure optimal product selection for lifecycle maintenance. nba fanduel optimizerWe will plan the tiling specifications and installation strategy alongside key MEP items such as skimmers, sumps and ventilation equipment, to ensure construction is smooth and without delay. Condensation is ‘designed out’ using a condensation dew point analysis.

Our team have specialist skills in the construction of Olympic and high-performance pools, ensuring that the design is fit for purpose and expensive remedial works are avoided.

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Gymnasiums & Sports Halls

Gymnasiums and sports halls with timber floors present unique challenges to the build programme. Timber floors require humidity equalisation within the space prior to installation to reduce the risk of nba fanduelwarping or lifting later on. This is factored into the programme at an early stage alongside careful considerations about the lifecycle of natural wood, to ensure longevity and value.

Our team can help customers explore modular units which offer significant advantages from a buildability and lifecycle maintenance perspective. Whatever the chosen design, we support the Architect and coordinate the integration of services with other adjacent specialist installations.

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