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Tomorrow's warehouses and hubs, today.
What we do
  • Turnkey design and build
  • Accelerated delivery programmes
  • Complex end-users and stakeholders
  • Highly sophisticated MEP systems integration
  • Large scale sites, earthworks and ecology
  • Sustainable construction solutions

The journey for McLaren began in the industrial and logistics sector and this is one we know inside out. Growth and development are fast paced as our customers strive to manage unprecedented change in the quest to match consumer expectations.

New technologies are driving demand for more efficient spaces plus the development of collaborative operating models between the main contractor, developer, end-user and consumer.

We have developed lasting relationships with high profile customers across the UK and the Middle East and are the partner of choice for customers wanting to create highly-complex I&L facilities.

The sector where it all began for McLaren
30m sq ft
of industrial space delivered
I&L projects undertaken so far

fanduel nba 2024

As our founding area, experience and expertise ensure that we continue to excel in this space. We are at fanduel nba oddsthe forefront of development, building some of the largest industrial and logistics facilities in the UK and UAE for key customers in this sector.

Watch our new I&L video for insight into our industrial past, present and future.

Key elements of success

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Digital development drives efficiency gains on large-scale construction projects using drones, big data and other technologies. Large-scale earthworks are being integrated into our projects as technology facilitates greater depth of understanding and influences key decision-making. On-site connectivity and cloud-based solutions enable us to digitise processes and streamline data management.

McLaren has built many large factories and distribution centres for manufacturers, major supermarkets and high street retailers. We are on a one-way trajectory to embed digital technology FanDuel oddsinto every project, opening up additional scope for improvements in productivity and cost reductions.

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Our 24/7 culture coupled with the rise of e-commerce means today’s warehouse and factory operators must deliver unprecedented speed, flexibility and efficiency to service their customers.

Volume in demand increases in much shorter timeframes and coupled with seasonal peaks, more space is required quickly to manage customer needs.

Analysis of previous projects at a forensic level increases our expertise and knowledge base, helping to inform new programmes, ensuring we get it right first time. Speed is key but remedial work is never an option on these projects.

We are always ahead of the curve with strength in depth and unique experience, defining the best possible build solutions for each project.

fanduel nba 2024

Quick response distribution is the benchmark for modern warehouses and fulfilment centres. The right products at nba fanduelscale in the right place are essential for the e-commerce supply chain, now often delivering direct to the customer rather than to wholesale operators.

Warehouse infrastructure demands value-added services such as order fulfilment, product mixing, cross-docking and on-site packaging. Facilities need to be highly flexible, future-proofed against rapid advancements in technology and easy to re-purpose for end-users or developers who wish to alter or adapt the service.

Building on our track record of delivering some of the UK’s largest and most complex facilities, our solutions rapidly embrace the endlessly evolving digital era

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'Greener warehouses' and sustainable construction

We explore sustainable solutions on a daily basis, factoring our impact on the environment in a quest to deliver carbon-efficient projects. Sustainable thinking includes full lifecycle nba fanduel optimizerassessments of each building with the emphasis on greener and smarter construction.

We integrate geographically relevant sustainable features that have a positive impact on the environment. Smart building solutions and energy management systems provide building managers with real-time analysis of equipment energy usage and performance. Artificial lighting systems can be installed to mitigate a high area of energy consumption combined with other sustainable initiatives introduced at the design and construction stages.

McLaren breathe life into the sustainability goals of our customers supported by our knowledge and expertise in constructing truly energy efficient buildings with a collaborative net-zero carbon approach. This delivers real environmental benefits as well as optimal performance and lower cost for the end-user.

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