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Creating unforgettable experiences
What we do
  • New build and refurbishments
  • Boutique and 5-star hotels
  • Brand-orientated chain and budget hotels
  • Heritage and listed buildings
  • High specification finishes
  • Live environment working
  • Integrating complex leisure facilities

Every hotel is unique in one or multiple aspects but what is central to them all is the huge variation of end-user, all under nba fanduel optimizerone roof. This is one of the most challenging elements of delivering this type of building.

Most hotel projects will require a broad range of rooms and suites plus diverse and complex leisure facilities, incorporating spa treatment rooms, a gym or swimming pool. There will be catering areas on an industrial scale including kitchens, bars and restaurants plus communal areas including lounges, reception areas and lobbies.

Our team are highly experienced at delivery of all these elements, usually simultaneously, and work with a variety of projects from unique and distinctive boutique hotels through to chain hotel customers who have standardised designs.

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Rooms & Suites

The design and construction of guest accommodation is critical to the success of a hotel. Guests need to be kept happy and as returning customers. The layout must be efficient and practical for staff and the floor configuration fit within the construction budget.

As buildability and spatial planning experts, we collaborate with designers to optimise layout, creating fanduel nba 2024incredible rooms which incorporate the latest technology as well as meeting revenue aspirations.

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Restaurants & Bars

Building restaurants to sometimes suit the most demanding of Michelin star chefs is difficult in a multi-use building. One of the biggest challenges is procuring bespoke, long-lead equipment and coordinating this with the delivery of high-end kitchens and dining rooms, something our hotel experts can synchronise to ensure timely and on budget delivery.

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Leisure facilities

Early involvement from McLaren’s leisure consultants can guarantee buildability and a full integrated design where lifecycle considerations have been factored and understood. Our experts handle often highly specialist design and installation features including material monitoring, climate control and complex mechanical and electrical installations, with a flawless track record of delivery in hotels and other sectors.

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For all hotel construction projects, we provide full visibility of how every aspect will impact on live business operations, maximising efficiencies and protecting the guest experience, reputation and revenue stream at all times.

Our works dovetail with the operation of a live hotel so that interaction between sub-contractors, hotel staff and guests is planned to avoid disruption and disturbance.

Room upgrades are carefully phased with week-by-week scheduling and an open channel of communication with hotel management. Our collaborative approach means we can free up the highest revenue producing areas as quickly as possible, always keeping the number of unavailable rooms to an absolute minimum.

Physical barriers and clear signage segregates work areas to promote guest and staff safety and all exit routes are kept clear.

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The generic hotel experience is not a best seller so whilst we seek to achieve economies of scale, uniformity is something our projects avoid. High quality interiors and unique finishes represent nba fanduelhigher revenue potential compared to ubiquitous and repeated design elements.

Working with an architect during pre-construction, our team will create the optimal design which majors on buildability and efficiency but will still be valued by guests as a special place to stay.

We often work with industry specialists, uniquely talented designers who can help create a high-end result with expert vision and flair.

Our team is highly experienced at producing construction-ready technical drawings from conceptual artwork. We manage procurement with specialist suppliers to ensure that delivery is on track within the programme and the end result accords with both the designer’s and customer’s vision.

McLaren partners lease and franchise operators who don’t own their building, these often-well-known brands require a different input from their construction company. Focus is more commonly on repeatable design, construction efficiencies and delivering space to recognisable brand guidelines rather than producing bespoke solutions and fanduel nba oddsunique detailed finishes.

Collaboration with the customer’s design team usually involves certain key drivers of smaller room sizes with efficient spatial planning, and maximising revenues in city centre locations.

Standardising elements produces economies of scale using materials that are highly robust, repeatable and replaceable for hotels that manage a volume footfall, making the project work for the available budget.

McLaren has a proud track record of delivering heritage hotels for long-standing customers with portfolios that contain historic and listed buildings. Our experience covers procurement and engaging stakeholders to deliver sometimes challenging works with a limited range of skilled suppliers.

Our specialism is refurbishment to create modern and efficient spaces that enhance a historic building and make it workable. Our Heritage Steering Team help to build the supply chain, always with an eye for cost efficiencies despite the challenging marketplace and the reality of shortages of skilled heritage contractors.

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