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For a Safer Future
  • Building Safety Regulatory Compliance
  • Procurement Support
  • Re-cladding
  • Passive & Active Fire Protection Upgrades
  • Interior Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Clinical Programme Interface
  • Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades

At McLaren, we work collaboratively with building owners and accountable persons to deliver bespoke resident-focused construction solutions.

We have an in-house sector fanduel nba 2024team who specialise in Building Safety remediation works to multi-occupancy, mid to high-rise estates with multiple stakeholders.  McLaren Construction are specialist in Building Safety Regulatory compliance, complex building re-modelling, re-cladding, passive and active fire protection upgrades, home interior, and mechanical and electrical upgrades.

Our construction solutions are developed around residents’ needs through collaboration, relationship building, and understanding.

We must learn, adapt, and improve homes so that they are safe. Homes must also be futureproofed to provide high levels of sustainability and comfort for residents.

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We are committed to building safety leadership and are committed to working together with industry partners to eliminate errors and build a better UK construction industry. Alongside our membership of GIRI (Getting it Right Initiative) we have fully embraced the Building nba fanduel optimizerA Safer Future initiative, becoming signatories in 2021 and publicly demonstrating our support for key building safety commitments.

“McLaren is pleased to become a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter. McLaren recognises that becoming a Registered Signatory is an important first step towards achieving the culture and behavioural change required in relation to the Charter’s objectives around building safety. In confirming our support as a Registered Signatory, we will now be working to ensure that we embed the principles of the Charter into our organisation’s activities.”

McLaren commenced its Champion status journey with BSF in 2023, commencing the Building Safety Leadership and Culture assessment stage.

With stage two, corroborating leadership and culture through organisational practice validation during 2024.

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We will instil the right behaviours by being customer-focused, creating a positive culture that includes everyone, and being focused on the governance required to deliver building safety. These behaviours nba fanduelwill deliver high quality and sustainability for building users in the long term, as we continue to listen, understand and remain focused upon continuous improvement.

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Our solutions are always developed with residents in mind. Our project teams provide unique, supportive and agile partnerships with the resident’s feedback at the heart of our delivery. For us, it is vital that we take the residents on the journey with us:

·      Building trust through open, honest communication

·      Visibility and becoming recognisable faces on site

·      Tailoring engagement to suit individual resident’s needs, such as interpreters

·      Using different communication channels including digital, social media, and traditional letter drops

·      Measuring our performance against KPIs

·      Maintaining honesty through all communications

·      Complying with GDPR legislation

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We are ready and able to support all our Building Safety & Refurbishment customers through the regulatory framework of building FanDuel oddssafety, aligning our construction solutions with their own governance requirements, be they Local Authorities, DLUHC interventions, Registered Housing Providers or Private Developers.

Roles & Responsibilities: We will work through the roles and responsibilities of the team to ensure the Accountable Persons and Clients are aware of their duties, they have clarity upon the deliverables for the building safety applicant, and that our duties as Principal Contract and Principal Designer are fully integrated into clear project roles, responsibilities and duties.

Competence: In readiness for any building safety application, we will ensure that all required competency declarations are evidenced and delivered for the full design and construction teams. McLaren has invested into its own Competency Hub where all McLaren team members have allocated competency requirements for their role mapped to PAS 8672 Principal Contractor requirements, and Flex 8670 Building Safety Competence, along with further competence requirements for new build FanDuel oddsand existing HRB regulatory compliance.  

Construction Control: The McLaren Management Process’ (MMP) include a Project Control Plan, The primary document on all McLaren projects.  The principal aim of this document is to outline the project controls to be adopted by the project team and developed to achieve the level of compliance required.

Digital Information Management: We deploy ASite for digital document management including Change Control and MOR reporting procedures. With Dalux used as our Field App, tasks can be viewed in 2D or 3D, and submitted back for review and approval once finished.  In the final stage of construction, export all comments, checklists and photos to PDF to be inserted into a safety case.

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We offer early engagement, providing route to market recommendations on procurement strategy and design responsibilities. McLaren are on several regional and national frameworks and can guide you through the early procurement stages, assembling the design teams, advising on buildability, and providing early cost advise. Many FanDuel oddsof these frameworks offer a compliant and proven Direct Award option which our team can guide you through.

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