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We’re building amazing things – so can you

nba fanduelThe built environment continues to evolve and respond to people’s needs. To stay ahead, we need the best and the brightest young people as we move into the world of 5G, augmented reality, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Today, construction means working with modern technology to develop more efficient construction sites and deliver smarter homes and workplaces for a hyper-connected population.

It means protecting the environment as we build, making buildings more energy efficient and boosting economic development for communities.

It’s time you got involved.

Modern-day construction is almost unrecognisable from even ten years ago. The world is changing faster than ever and we’re looking for the next generation of talent to take us into a sustainable future.

Our industry
The UK has Europe’s largest construction spend and growth percentage since 2017
Construction is the 2nd highest paid sector in the UK
The construction industry contributed £136bn to the UK economy in 2021 and is our largest sector
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Why is construction so great?

Because every nba fanduelday is different and brings new challenges and, best of all, you can point to what you’ve worked on and say, ‘I built that’.

When you come into construction – you’ll learn a whole host of transferable life skills including technical skills, negotiation, financial management and people management.

There are lots of young people working at McLaren, bringing their enthusiasm and talent to our projects, and developing their careers for the future. You’ll be supported by experienced people, ready to contribute to your success every day.

If you’re ambitious and ready to be part of something fantastic, take a serious look at a rewarding career in construction.

Fact Vs Fiction - Myth-busting

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"Construction doesn’t pay well"

Really? The reality is that across the industry most people earn more per hour than in many other jobs. The average annual salary of someone working in nba fanduelconstruction is significantly greater than the national average UK salary. What’s more, if you join as an apprentice, you’ll earn while you learn, and the company pays for your study.

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"The construction industry is no place for women"

Whatever the clichés from the past, construction companies are looking for the best talent to join them – gender simply isn’t a factor, on site or in the office. Because schools and colleges are encouraging more girls to study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), an increasing number of women are choosing construction as a career.

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"If I don’t go to university my future won’t be as bright"

Lots of people learn best when they see first-hand how their studies can be applied in real life. Apprenticeships and work placements offer just that. As an apprentice, typically you’ll spend one or two days a week at college or University FanDuel oddsand the rest of the week on site or in the office. What you learn in the classroom you’ll be able to see in practice when you’re at work – and you can apply what you see at work to your studies.

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"Working in construction is really dangerous"

Safety is the number-one priority on every modern building site. There are specialist staff whose role is dedicated to keeping everyone safe – in fact, we all have a role to play in creating a culture of health and safety, from the banksman on the gate to the crane operator to the site manager. Mental health and wellbeing are also important topics that people talk about on site. The construction industry is as safe as it has ever been.

What about Apprenticeships?

A great way to access a career in construction is by joining an apprenticeship programme. We only offer our apprenticeships to the best candidates, and we make sure that everyone gets the attention they need.

An apprenticeship gives you:

  • a recognised national qualification from a college or university – up to degree level
  • paid work with a construction company
  • the support of a mentor throughout your studies
  • on-the-job assessments
  • an apprenticeship manager and coordinator overseeing your progress

Through an apprenticeship with McLaren, you can achieve anything from a diploma to a degree, depending on the type of apprenticeship you undertake.

The apprenticeships we offer are at least 24 months long. A degree apprenticeship takes four to five years, followed by an end-point assessment. If you’re thinking about options for GCSEs or A levels, the minimum requirement is Maths and English. A science or design technology qualification is also useful. If you’re considering attending college full time before starting an apprenticeship, we recommend the BTEC Extended Diploma in Construction and The Built Environment Level 3.

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